Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pet-A-Palooza 2009

On Halloween, we went to Hoover's Pet-A-Palooza 2009 at Veteran's Park and my parent's dachshund, Molly, participated in the Weenie Run. Although it was all wet from the torential downpours the night before and it kept sprinkling that day, it was still a lot of fun. With it being on Halloween, pets came out in all sorts of costumes. There was a pet/owner look-a-like contest and the winner was a little red headed girl with pigtails and freckles that looked just like her Brittany Spaniel that had red ears and red spots. Iwas the person that started the Weenie Run with Molly and held her at the starting line while my dad and Jackson stood at the finish line, calling her name. There were TONS of people surrounding the area they ran in, so it was very distracting to many of the dogs. Molly was in Heat 4- it seemed like all the dogs in the heat either did really well or really bad. I made sure we got the spot on the end, thinking that it would be less distracting not being between two dogs..... boy was I wrong! I was distracted because there was a camera from a news crew in my face as I was saying in my little voice I use to talk to Molly "go sweety, go sweet girl, go to Daddy..." (luckily I wasn't on the news), and Molly was terrified of the gazillion people all around screaming at the dogs. So...... Molly's heat just sort of stood there once they were released. It was sad, you could tell she was scared. The winner, though, was Baxter, the dachshund of a girl who works with my mom. He did great!
Now, I've known Jackson inherited his liking of dogs from me, but he also inherited his fearlessness of dogs from me..... which could be dangerous. Look or size of dogs doesn't deter Jackson one bit, if he sees a dog, he's going to go right up to it and pet it. Some people were amazed at how good Jackson was with dogs, and he is great- he knows he has to be extremely gentle with small dogs and that he has to approach dogs slowly. What Jackson doesn't understand is that not all dogs want to be approached, especially by kids. My dad, being typical protective Papa, was very concerned about Jackson's fearlessness and couldn't stand Jackson going up to strange dogs one bit.
----Jackson is going to kill me for this potty picture but he looked so cute!------
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