Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Day in Atlanta

Our friends, Holly and Andrew, gave Wayne tickets for the four of us (plus Jackson because he was free) to go to the Cubs vs. Braves game in Atlanta on June 2nd. Wayne is a pretty big Cubs fan for those of you who don't know..... not that the subject ever really comes up much. Anyway, we decided to make a day out of it and toured the World of Coke and also went to the Georgia Aquarium while we were there. It was HOT and we did A LOT of walking.

We went to the World of Coke first. When you first start the tour, a tour guide tells you about the history of coke and some of the paraphernalia in the room. Well, as soon as she starts, Jackson yells out "Monker Truck" as he's holding out the little monster truck he's been holding on to since we left Helena. I quickly told Jackson to be quiet and Andrew, who was holding Jackson, starts laughing and says "I told him to show the lady his monster truck." I had to explain to him that he can't do that, for obvious reasons. After the lady did her spiel and we watched the "World of Happiness" movie thing, we were able to do the rest of the tour by ourselves. Jackson liked some things more than others. He didn't like getting his picture made with the famous Coke bear- probably because he had just seen the bear try to eat the head of the girl in front of us as their picture was being made just for laughs. Jackson screamed at the bear when we got close to him. The room where you get to taste all of the different types of Coke flavors from all over the world was a lot of fun for all of us- definately an adventure. If you've never been, you need to try the "Beverly" from Italy. Jackson liked the pineapple flavored drinks. I prefered plain old U.S. Coke and Sprite.

Next we went to the aquarium. It was fun. The parts where you could pet some of the fish weren't so good for Jackson because his arms were too short and the people working there were very specific about ONLY using TWO fingers to touch them.... as if the fish can count! We got to the tank where some of the only Beluga Whales in captivity are housed. Unlike the other tanks, a "guide" is standing there with a microphone to tell about the whales. Jackson uses this as his opportunity to yell "where's Nemo?" The guy actually stops, asks Jackson's name, tells Jackson that Nemo is not in this tank and tries to tell him about the whales. Jackson couldn't care less, he wants Nemo. We get to a beautiful tank that has tons of tropical fish and corals- Dory was in there but no Nemo. How can you have a tank like that with no Nemo??? We finally get to almost the end and see a very small tank (like the one they put the spiders in at the zoo) and that's where Nemo is. Not impressive at all. But overall, the aquarium was a fun experience.

We then went to a gas station to get some lotto tickets while Jackson took a quick nap in the car. We had to take advantage of any time he would sleep b/c he is NOT GOOD with no nap and we were in for a LONG night! He napped for about 40 minutes and then we parked and walked to the stadium. Jackson had gotten a "C" for Cubs painted on his face at the aquarium and looked really cute. He had fun at the game and we had great front row seats in the outfield on the end of the aisle. Jackson got tired of being in one place, though, and wanted to walk around and go up and down the stairs after a while. If we had not been seated exactly where we were with no one in front of us or beside us, we wouldn't have lasted through 2 innings, but he made it to about 6 before he started getting impatient. Jackson LOVED the cotton candy and popcorn (which I normally don't let him have for fear of choking on a kernel) and really seemed to pay attention to the game.

When we left the game we were sure Jackson would sleep all the way home. He didn't sleep a wink! It was a very fun day, though, that we'd like to do again.... when it isn't so hot.


Cubs vs. Braves Game

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Georgia Aquarium

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World of Coke

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