Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are they all this literal???

OK, I know I haven't posted in a long time.... I'm busy and tired, so bare with me. I will hopefully catch up one day. For now, I need to discuss Jackson's tendency to be very literal when he answers questions and when talking:

First Example: Jackson and I are on the way to daycare one morning and he tells me that his tooth hurts. Well, his 2 year molars have been trying to break through for quite some time now, so I was wondering if it was his molars or if it was other teeth, which can be indicative of an ear infection and he had been pulling on one of his ears. So, I did what most people could do and asked which teeth. He didn't seem to understand my question, so I re-worded the question to "do your teeth hurt in the front or in the back?" Seemed simple enough to me. Jackson answers back with a somewhat condescending tone in his voice "no, in my mouth." I had no idea what to say- I was a bit stunned- after coming to terms with the fact that my son had just given me the absolute most literal answer possible to my question, I couldn't stop laughing.... partly because I felt a little dumb in that my 2 year old had sort of outsmarted me.

Second Example: A week or so after the incident above, Jackson and I were on the say to daycare (again), when he told me he didn't feel good. Before responding, I stopped to think about what to say because I didn't want to be outsmarted like before. I couldn't think of any way he could outsmart me with what I needed to ask, so I said "where do you not feel good?" He says "I don't feel good in the car." I'm stunned. Outsmarted again. How did I not see that coming? But this isn't funny to him, he's being so serious and has no clue why I suddenly bust out laughing after I sit in shock for a few seconds.

Now, another thing Jackson is doing- he's catching on to things that we didn't expect him to and he uses them against us!!! We have Charter Digital Cable and use the On Demand option to bring up cartoons Jackson enjoys like Diego, Spongebob, Babar, etc. We typically use this option when we need to do something around the house or something and need for Jackson to sit and watch TV or when he's not content with anything else. So now when he wants to watch something in particular and it's not an appropriate time to watch TV, we tell him that particular show isn't on right now. In this ever so positive tone, he raises his eyebrows and shakes his head "yes" and says "yes it is". You can tell him it's not as much as you want but he knows that at any time of the day or night, certain shows can come on TV at the push of a button.... and he knows which TVs in the house have the option!!!! He also remembers the same thing about CDs and even remembers what the CDs look like and which ones have the songs he likes:
OK, he was bored with the radio show I listen to in the mornings, Ace and TJ, so I decided to go through the few CDs I had in my county car to see if he liked any of them. One of them was Limp Bizkit and the first song has a voice that is adjusted using some sort of machine. I told him it was a monster song. After the monster song, some verbally-inappropriate songs came on so I quickly took that CD out and then switched other CDs in and out of my player quickly according to what he liked. A few days later, he asked to hear the monster song. I played it and he remembered some of the words the "monster" said and when the guitart part came in, he started making noises like the guitar. When "monster" was done, he said he wanted stars. I had no clue what he meant by stars..... Twinkle twinkle little star??? I told him I didn't know what he was talking about and he kept repeating it. I pulled out all of the CDs and finally pulled out a CD that, low and behold, actually had something on it that looked like shiny little stars. I have NO CLUE how he remembered that. Then when I put it in, he said he wanted mommy song. What is mommy song???? Each song I went to, he'd shake his head no. Song #12 he shook his head yes and smiled and I realized that it was a song that I typically sing along to when it comes on. HOW IN THE WORLD?????????

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